We have had the privelidge of having my son work with Coach Z for 2 years now. He is everything you would hope for in a coach. He is professional, experienced, technically proficient and knows how to bring out the best in each kicker. Dan has been able to individualize trainings that work best for my son and has even created drills specifically for him to correct his form when needed. Best of all, he also helps train kickers on the mental aspect of kicking which is so important and is a rarity for coaches. I can wholeheartedly recomend Dan and Lifetime Kicking Academy for kickers and all levels of the game!         

-Trena Andolsek-

I came to the US in 2010 thinking I had a pretty decent punting form and technique, but after just one session with Coach Z it was evident that I had a very long way to go. He can break down and analyze every tiny phase of the punt, and he is patient and diligent when helping you fix the problems he finds. It's always a pleasure and a challenge working with Coach Z, and it's a point of pride for me when people tell me that I punt like him. Great mentor on the field, and a great friend off the field.   

-Rhys Felton (Australia)-

2013 Punter- Indaina State

I had the honor of working 1 on 1 with Dan in March of 2013. He was very easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Actually seeing what I was doing wrong and comparing it to what I should be doing made a huge difference and I felt much more confident after our lesson. I have been to different kicking coaches before and I have to say hands down that Dan is the best coach I have worked with. His rates are very fair and he really took the time to work with me, give me insight and confidence. Thank you again for everything! 

-Pete Burton-

Kicker- Idaho Matadorste

 Coach Zeidman is probably one of the best coaches you will find in teaching you how to be the best kicker you can be. He works hard with you on getting great technique and getting solid contact every time. He works with you on and off the field and he gets to know you and becomes a great friend. I would Highly recommend going and getting lessons with him. He has helped me become a better kicker and a better person!

-Zak Johnson-

Kicker- Idaho State Universitye

"Working with Coach Z has been amazing. He has been such a positive influence to Zak and Parker both in kicking and personal growth. He is able to identify the little details that make the difference between being a good kicker and a great kicker. Zak and Parker's kicking have improved greatly since they started working with him. We appreciate his help with kicking and his friendship, and look forward to working with him in the years to come".

-Mike Johnson-

Father of Students-(Nampa,Idaho )

"Coach Zeidman has been the best coach I've ever had. He not only helped me out on the field and in all things kicking (and most athletics,) tremendously, but off the field as well. He cares for you and wants you to succeed. He teaches you to try hard in every thing you do, and to keep strong mentally. He doesn't forgets about you off the field, but checks up with you. Coach Zeidman is the best coach and a very good friend and I wouldn't change him for anyone else."


Kicker from Nampa, Idahoe

The patience and thoroughness that Coach Z shows is a true testament to his commitment, not only to his students, but also to his craft. His attention to detail and insight have greatly helped in my development as not only a punter, but as an athlete.

-David Harrington-

All American Punter- Idaho State Universitye

I have a ton of respect for Dan Zeidman, not only as a coach, but as a person. He truly wants to help and serve people on and off of the field. I have known Dan for several years now. I enjoy his energy and positivity when he is around. His knowledge for the kicking game is excellent and he is a big asset to our National Camp Series.

-Michael Husted-

Owner of Husted Kicking & National Camp Series

 Coach Z is an amazing coach and person, over the past 3-4 years I have worked with him and improved drastically. He doesn't just help teach you kicking on the field but how to use what you learned on the field and apply it to life. I thank you for all the talents and skills you have helped me achieve and I look forward to the years of training and friendship to come. Be your Best

-Aaron Byers-


 Dan is a first rate coach and individual. He has helped my son improve with his punting and kicking. I believe he can help a kicker at any level. He truly has a passion for kicking and sharing his knowledge and ability with others. I have watched him work with my son and a number of other kickers at various mini camps and he gives attention to each kicker. We had some private workouts with Coach Z, and the results were worth every penny. Thanks for all the help

-Matt Dalton-