Coach Dan Zeidman's Recruiting Board

As we embark on the year 2016, we at Lifetime Kicking Academy, have a few new things on the horizon. First off, the launch of our new website (created by our new Multimedia Director Becca Zeidman) is March 2nd, 2016. This website will highlight top students and performers, create easy booking options and also provide a year around Recruiting Board.

The main purpose of our Recruiting Board is to give college coaches an easy and efficient way to recruit the specialist that come through Lifetime Kicking. There are a few requirements for a specialist to get on, and stay on our recruiting board. Those requirements are:

1) Must have trained with Coach Dan Zeidman in a 1 on 1 lesson

2) Must have competed in a current year National Camp Series Event (This prerequisite starts in July 2016)

3) Must have emailed Coach Dan Zeidman

A) Most recent game film

B) Picture of documentation of overall High School GPA

C) Picture of documentation of ACT/SAT score (if taken)

Everything we do at Lifetime Kicking, we do with purpose. We took that same principle when setting these requirements. Each recruiting board requirement was set for a specific reason. Those reason are:

1) Completing a lesson with Coach Dan Z will enable us to evaluate you on a personal level. To see how coachable you are and how you may respond to adversity

2) Participating in an NCS event will enable us to evaluate you under pressure, kicking amongst your peers and respond to missing kicks

3) Seeing your gamefilm will allow us to evaluate how you perform under the lights when it matters most. No matter how well you perform in practice or at any camp, those performances take a back seat to what you can do in a game

4) Seeing what you can do, have done and the work you are willing to put into your school work is a direct reflection of your current maturity level. When you are willing to get the job done in the classroom, you will be more than likely willing to do what it takes to get the most out of yourself as an athlete. Having a low GPA or low test scores will not automatically disqualify you from being on the LKA Recruiting board, but it may lower your ranking because that may lower your stock as being a collegiate student athlete.

Our Recruiting Board will not be posted live on our website because we do not want this tool to be turned into a political race. We want this tool to simply provide college coaches a list of evaluated guys that they can recruit from. All of the College Coaching contacts that I have will be allowed to view our board 24/7.

In no way do we want this board to make a student think they have to do something special around us. I just want to provide a list to college coaches based on my professional experience of what it takes to be a specialists at the next level and who I have worked with that could be a good fit for their program.

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