Mission Statement:

Lifetime Kicking Academy provides specialists with on-the-field tools for performance and off-the-field tools for a lifetime.












Vision Statement:

We desire to create a culture of excellence by establishing an atmosphere of accountability. From the technique we coach to the amount of effort we give to our students, we work hard to train HARD-SMART-FAITHFULLY. In order to accomplish our vision, EVERY STUDENT MUST BECOME A COACH. A coach of themselves!

On-the-field tools include:

·         Proper kicking, punting and snapping technique

·         Applicable training regiment for specialists

·         Mental routine

Off-the-field tools include:

·         Instilling in students that integrity and a man`s word means more than kicking a football

·         Coaching students on how to properly go into a conversation with a college coach

·         Reminding students they are a student first and an athlete second

·         Teaching students intangibles such as time management, team work, hard work, attention to detail and  perseverance

"Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming"

John Wooden

Core Values

1) Character-

Character is defined as who you are when no one is looking.  So much of preparing on and off the field must be done when you are alone.  Integrity and staying true to who you are regardless of who is around is an important part of buildig character. How hard to you push yourself when no one is watching?

2) Accountability- 

What standard do you hold yourself to?  In turn, what standard do you hold others around you to?  Accountability is 80% walk and 20% talk. 

3) Servant Leadership-

This core value is an opportunity for each student to lead from a humble position.  Having humility is important no matter what we do in life.  We also encourage every student to become a coach.  Find a kicker at your school or in your town that is younger than you and pour into him.  It will make you a better kicker and give you an opportunity to be a servant leader

4) Competitive Greatness-

John Wooden defines competitive greatness as not being the best but being the best that you can be.  We believe that this value is essential in growing to your potential. In order to get the most out of ourselves, we must train HARD, train SMART and train FAITHFULLY!

5) Truthful-

Being honest with yourself and the people around you is vital in order to gain respect in your world.  We encourage you to seek and speak the truth in all situations

6) Hard work-

John Wooden said “nothing will work unless you do”.  Working hard on anything we want to accomplish in life is important.  Whether it`s in the classroom or on the field, working hard will pay off.  training HARD, training SMART and training FAITHFULLY is crucial

 7) Vision-

We believe that every athlete must have a vision.  An athlete without a vision is like a Coach without a game plan.  Coach Dan Z will help you create your vision.  Just ask

8) Focus-

Laser-like focus is an important aspect in training and performance.  Ask Coach Dan Z about The Mind of the Athlete Program by Dr Jarrod Spencer to help you gain more focus on and off the field

9) Respect-

Respect is a core value because you will need it in everything you do.  We encourage you to learn to speak and act respectfully to your parents, coaches, teachers and friends.  If you learn to speak to people with respect, you will go a long way in life

10) Gratefulness-

We live in a time where it is easy to be entitled and take things for granted so it is important to always be thankful in your circumstances.  This will help you gain perspective in your endeavors.

 At LKA we do not expect perfect performance, but we do expect perfect effort.  Our job as coaches is to push our athletes to the limit, not just on the field, but off the field as well.